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Original ideas for special occasions
"EVO Box"

EVO Box combined with the quality of Frantoio Abbruzzetti's EVO oil


Do you have a special occasion to celebrate: love, marriage, birthday, births, baptism, anniversary, parties, anniversaries, communion and confirmations? Celebrate your special events with originality. Personalize your occasion. Make your party unique.


L'Oro di Loriana offers a different idea than usual! An original box with a unique and original design. Product designed and handcrafted for those who love to take care of themselves, of the face as well as of the whole body. 
Box 10x12 cm
Extra virgin olive oil from Frantoio Abbruzzetti ml 50
Retail price: euro 20 (each) - euro 18 (from 50 pcs)


Each package can be customized (orders over 40pcs), whoever buys it can choose:

  • the color: white | red | black

  • the drawing to be printed

  • the words | the text

  • the type of creams in the box

L'Oro di Loriana offers, for those who wish, a consultancy in the realization of the EVO Boxes by the designer Martina Fratini (linked to her site | click here)

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