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With solid roots

in the earth

The essence of the earth

My family story

We are connected to the earth, we, and like us - even more deeply - the trees that give us olives, a miraculous fruit for everything it can give to our body. My story begins in the midst of these plants that my family has been looking after for over a hundred years and from whose fruits it extracts an extra virgin olive oil in which the juice of the different local cultivars lives - of the inland Marche from which you can smell the brackish scent of the nearby Adriatic in the Fermano area: the sweet and small Sargano olive, the traditional Frantoio and Leccino, the Carboncella. The view of these olive groves extends from the farmhouse - with its terrace overlooking the sea - where the Abbruzzetti family welcomes visitors to the agri-campsite and proposes traditional peasant dishes prepared with ingredients of their own production and territory.

The family oil mill has expanded over the decades: today it has two oil press installations, to better respect local traditions and the preservation of the integrity of the olive oil which is then stored in a cool place and under inert gas so that it does not oxidize.

I decided to dedicate the same care we dedicate to olive oil to the well-being of the body, precisely through that olive oil and olive extracts: substances that are applied to the body and ingested as a food supplement can do a lot for our welfare. With the same care that we dedicate to the processing of olives, we extract their precious nutrients, protecting their vitality and power.


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