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We are

a temple

Your body is your temple

Keep it pure and clean for the soul that resides within

"BKS Iyengar"

I cannot think of my life except as a whole. My bond with the world of olive oil, with olive groves, with olives, with the earth is no different than my bond with the city where I live, Rome, with its beauty, but also with its rhythms, its chaos, its stress. I am one and I want to think of myself as a temple, my temple. L’Oro di Loriana comes from this synthesis, it is the most precious material with which to purify my body, with which to revitalize my skin, with which to nourish my body. The bond, the roots with my olive groves helps my body to better resist life’s daily stresses.


These thoughts are the basis of a life spent together with others, in the oil mill and in social relationships: I not only have the experience of working in the oil mill, but also the responsibility of the Pandolea association – a non-profit association that brings together women strongly linked to the world of oil, which I have built together with extraordinary colleagues who, like me, work and live with passion in the world of extra virgin olive oil. It is also from this responsibility and my love towards them, towards the strength and possibilities of women, that the project that bears my name is born. Care and passion, love and sacredness of the body and the person.

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